Richard Galvan's Tips for Self-Starters and Entrepreneurs

Many self-starters and entrepreneurs dream of building a successful business. But, what does it take to succeed? Gathering tips and information from others who have seen success in your desired industry, as well as other sectors, is a great place to start.

What Kind of Internet Service is Best for You?

With so many options available in the telecommunications industry, it can be difficult to determine which internet service is best for you. When trying to decide which kind of internet is best for your household or business, it’s important to take several factors into account, including speed, price, and accessibility.

Richard and Sonia Galvan of G5 Internet Services Offer Insight on the Future of the Internet

Much like any form of technology, the Internet continues to evolve. It has already come a long way from dial-up service and in the years to come, users can expect even more changes to take shape. From the way the Internet is delivered to its availability, many improvements in future technology are on the horizon.

Sonia and Richard Galvan Explain All About Gigabit Communities and Why We Need Them

In the 21st century, the internet has become a part of most people’s daily lives. However, like with all technology, the internet is evolving. In order to keep up, businesses, local economies and even entire countries need to make sure that they are progressing if they wish to remain competitive.

Richard Galvan and Sonia Galvan Interview: Accesswire Press Release

In 2008, Richard and Sonia Galvan launched G5 Internet Services, specializing in delivering high-speed internet and streaming services for residential, commercial, and state and local governments. Richard and Sonia are also actively engaged members of their community, supporting many non-profit organizations.

Tech Expert Richard Galvan Shares Predictions for the Future of Smartphone Technology

Smartphone technology has come a long way since its inception. From the early flip phone to the more recent folding phone, vast changes have occurred and will continue to appear in the years to come. But, where is smartphone technology headed and what can consumers expect in the coming decade?

Richard Galvan Discusses Internet Access as a Basic Human Right

Nearly everyone in the United States uses the internet on a daily basis. It is the backbone of most businesses in the 21st century, not to mention the most popular form of communication and amusement. Thus, it won’t surprise many to learn that the United Nations declared the internet, more specifically access to it, a basic human right that is integral to allowing humans to exercise their right to freedom of expression and opinion.

Richard and Sonia Galvan Share Insight About Running a Company as a Married Couple

Have you ever considered running a company with your spouse? Or perhaps you already do. Whether you’re starting to think about the idea of working alongside your partner or you already work with them, you might be wondering what the secret is. After all, even if you have a wonderful marriage, having a working relationship with your partner is completely different.