Richard Galvan and Sonia Galvan are entrepreneurs from Rio Grande Valley, Texas. They own and operate G5 Internet Services, delivering high-speed internet and streaming services to residential, commercial, and state and local governments.


As a young man, Richard Galvan spent time playing baseball in south and central Texas. In 1994, he started his first job at Dell, sparking his passion for technology. Within 10 years of working for the company, he had travelled to almost every country in Latin America as a regional account manager.

Richard and Sonia's Story

Tragedy brought Richard Galvan And Sonia Galvan together when Richard’s grandfather died. Sonia’s family owned and operated Rudy Garza Funeral Home and Richard met Sonia as she was typing information for his grandfather. The couple just celebrated their 20-year anniversary, surrounded by their three children.

Richard Galvan and Sonia Galvan launched G5 Internet Services in 2008. By delivering high-speed internet service wirelessly, G5 uses point to point and point to multipoint technology. This eliminates the costs for tierra fiber and or cable as well as the segmented cost associated with over head fiber on telephone poles. G5 can deliver internet to customers within a seven-mile radius and has a plan for all level of customers. G5 Internet Services’ motto, “Where together we stay connected” has meaning, driving the company’s initiatives, direction, and purpose.

As engaged members of the community, Richard Galvan and Sonia Galvan support local, state, and international non-profit organizations. Most recently, they showed support for a battered women’s shelter in Nicaragua. They have served on numerous boards, directed local events, and sponsored many local activities. Sonia Galvan has served as a board member for Pregnancy Testing Center, a local, non-profit center for women that are pregnant. Richard Galvan has served as vice president for the City of Mercedes Economic Development Corporation for six years, FCA, and president for his local country club, and, until the pandemic hit, served on a cohort to build a new joint educational facility with Harlingen ISD and the University of Texas RGV.